copy sharepoint contacts to new tenant

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In 2020 a company separated into two organizations and at that time I somehow copied a common contacts list for each (with microsoft help) under same tenant using a sub domain for one group. Now they want to have separate tenants do i created a new tenant and office subscriptions and will move the associated email to the new tenant. How do I  copy the existing contacts list to the new tenant?

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@Tom_Lentz Check below Microsoft official documentations if it helps:

  1. How to migrate mailboxes from one Microsoft 365 or Office 365 organization to another 
  2. Cross-tenant mailbox migration (preview) 

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Thanks for the reply. Real issue at this point is how to move/copy existing SharePoint Contacts to new tenant? Existing Contacts are accessed by users via Outlook connected online SharePoint. Want to preserve or reestablish that functionality in new tenant.