Copy pasting column of data from excel into existing sharepoint list

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Newby non-tech here.


I have an existing Sharepoint list, created for me by an IT company via .csv upload of an excel sheet.


I just noticed I missed an entire column of data in the excel sheet I sent them - the website urls for the organisations in my list. I've created a new column 'WEBSITE' in the Sharepoint list and need to populate it with the excel column containing the urls.


Both data sets are in alphabetical order, so they align. 


I don't work with the IT company any more so can't ask them for help.


Is there a way to copy-paste the column from excel to the sharepoint column so I don't have to edit individual records?


I can't re-upload the entire excel sheet as changes have been made in other parts of the sharepoint list - plus I wouldn't know how to anyway.




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you can copy paste from excel to sharepoint list edit view. The edit view enable you to copy paste records, update records.

@Zerameth further to the answer provided b y @Muhammad Ahsan Ranjha , it's actually called Grid View not Edit view. So once you've copied your column of data from Excel, at the top of your list click the Edit in Grid View link:


Then click in the first item in the column you want to paste the data into and paste it. It doesn't always work first time and you might need to go to a different column and then back to the column. Once it's been pasted in click the Exit Grid View link.




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Thanks so much, @Rob_Elliott.


I had tried doing this in Grid View, but hadn't got the process quite right - now it's working.


Thanks for the heads up that it might not work first time though!




Thanks @Muhammad Ahsan Ranjha, appreciate your reply.
I needed a little more detail, which has now been provided.