Copy paste cells from excel pastes to single cell after update

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In May when I copy pasted cells from an excel sheet into my sharepoint list in quickedit mode, the rows and cells were pasted correctly. When I open up my lists now in july and try to do the same all of the data is pasted into a single cell - no new rows are created. It is clear that some new functions have been added to sharepoint, the look of quickedit is a bit different. Do i need to add some kind of delimiter now in order to copy paste as before in sharepoint online?  

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Same here.. I was used to copy paste hundreds of lines from excel to SP Lists and now I don't know how to handle this task. help?

@2fabio I kind of figured it out even it makes no sense. First enter quickedit and mark the radial button to the left for the row you want to quickedit. Then mark the cell where you want to insert data and ctrl+v and it should paste the rows correctly. However, you can only paste 100 rows at a time (at the bottom you have the 0-100/101-200 etcetera). If you paste beyond the rows being shown you will get an error. And this is weird - you can only paste to rows that already exist. So when I wanted to paste 50 rows i had to mark a text cell and go "a enter a enter a enter...." 50 times in order to create 50 new rows before pasting the actual values I wanted. Also, Pasting 100 rows worked fine when it was 2-3 columns but when i tried to paste 8-9 columns at once I was unable to save the quickedit. Good luck!

@Olof_W yes.. thanks.. it kind work... I was frustrated but I think the issue is that one column is a lookup on another list and the pasting process stops there!

with your explanation it makes sense.. you need to make room to be able to paste... probabbly!

also, I was able to press the button on the bottom left corner and go to classic sharepoint (just to paste) and it seems to work as before... but sometimes it fails on the lookup reference... saying that the pasted value is not correct.. and copying both (from excel and from the cell) to a notepad, both are identical...


again, thanks.. I will continue to try to paste...