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I have one list library where i have one column Called Status and another Status_archive


i want to copy value of status column to status_archive column whenever new item get added to list or any modification in status column value.

how i can do this?using MS flow?

and how i can update old data?

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@rautchetan27 these 2 requests can be done with a couple of very simple flows in Power Automate.


1) When an item is created or modified. That will be your trigger and then you just update the item that was created or modified and into the StatusArchive field you select Status from the dynamic content box:




2) To do this for all existing items in your list, use a trigger of Manually trigger a flow. 




By default Get items only returns 100 items, so if your list has more than this go to the settings for the Get items, switch on Pagination and set the threshold to 2000.




Then add a SharePoint Update item action and select the ID and Title from the dynamic content box and then for the Status Archive field select Status as you did at 1) above. As you are entering the fields the action will wrap itself in an apply to each control which is what we want.




The flow will loop through each item in the list and copy the value in each Status column to the StatusArchive column.


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@Rob Elliott 


Thanks! will it work if both Column type is Choice? will it able to copy choice from one column to another?