copy link - all i want is the simple URL


Sorry - i am sure this question has been answered somewhere, but could not find it.


Using the copy link in Sharepoint gives me the ugly URL:




All I need the URL with the Folder locat and file name


How do I create this easily from Sharepoint in browser





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@daved3 Open the "information panel" for the document and scroll down to the Path and select "Copy Path." You really only want to do this for PDF documents. For Office files, using "Copy Link" is better. See: What you need to know about linking to files and pages in SharePoint | Computerworld for details about grabbing links to documents.

Thanks Susan - Also read the article. It was very helpful for me to understand why Copy link is better. My problem is i am using Power Automate to update the metadata of a file, and need to use the Send HTTP Request to Sharepoint to get the file ID, which requires the file Folder and file name. I was pulling this information from the link to the file. I think i will now add an extra column for the Path to the file, and keep the link to the file as you suggest. Or maybe there is a way to Send HTTP Request to Sharepoint using the "Copied Link". I will need to investigate this also.