Copy from SP to Teams SP site using Powershell

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Apologies if this needs to go in a Teams or Powershell forum, but i thought id try here first!


I have a powershell script using:




As part of creating the new Teams we would like to prepopulate the attached SharePoint site with a copy of some document from a SharePoint online site.  Does anyone have any knowledge or pointers on doing this? Can this be done with the above modules or with the connect-pnponline.


Ive looked at PnP copy-pnpfile but im not sure if it can copy to a Teams site? 



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Hi @Steve Canvin ,


You can use Copy-PnPFile to copy files and folders between sites collections.

SharePoint site behind a team is a SharePoint team site, so you can use that as a target.

Notice that currently there is a 200MB file size limit per operation.


@Matti Paukkonen Thanks.  Im trying to copy a file from one file to anther in the same library for some testing and get:

Copy-PnPFile : File Not Found.


Ive read online that there is a bug with this feature, do you know if this is the case?

Ignore - ive sorted this now :) thanks for your help