Copy files from one site collection to a shared folder in another site collection

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I have full access to site collection A. There is a folder I need to copy to another site collection B. I don't have access to site collection B, except for one folder on B, which was shared with me via link. Is there any approach using the online interface to copy files from site collection A to a folder which I can access through a shared link?

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@Kiril Not a pretty solution and not entirely via the online interface BUT try the following:
Go to Site Collection A and synchronize the current files/folders to local disk.
Then open the folder you have access to (the one on Site Collection B) and select "Upload" (and browse to your local disk where the files from Site Collection A are stored locally).
If you have write access to the shared folder on Site Collection B then this should work. Please note that this will only copy the files and the Modified and Modified By attributes will be changed to "Now" and your username (if that matters).

Thank you. That's a solution. Do you know if the version history of the file is also copied to the new location?


You can try 'Move to' function. Move or copy files in SharePoint (

Select a file from source, click 3 ellipses -> Move to -> If you don't see your destination under Quick access -> Select More places... -> Find your destination under Shared libraries -> select and Move.

It should move all the versions. Give it a try. 

@Bharath Arja thank you, but that approach does not work. You don't see destinations which you can access only through a shared link.

You're right. I missed the "shared link" part