Copied link changes once opened in browser

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We have many hundreds of links to documents. These were all generated as "anyone with the link can view", and this works great except for this one issue. 


If a person goes to this public link (for example):


Being that they are not logged into a Microsoft account, nor part of the SharePoint site, they will not (nor should), have any options available except Open/Print/Download - which is great. 


If they then decide to go into their browser tab to copy the link, to share with someone else (this happens with our business), they get:


This link will direct them to a Microsoft login page. I use a private tab to properly simulate.


Is there anything I can do to this Site, or documents folder that will either maintain the link from what was originally clicked on, or present them with a Copy Link option, even if they are not logged in, or part of the Site?


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Has anyone found a solution to this issue? Not only is it annoying to users trying to share the publicly linked document, but it is also somewhat of a security risk in that it reveals the inner structure of where the document resides.

@jmurnane I would also like a solution to this, it feels like such an odd way for the link to function, and, as you say, both impractical and a safety issue. For my organisation it may lead to our information not being spread as widely as we would like.