convert sharepoint list to document library

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I have a list in SharePoint that I would like to convert to a document library.

Or if that is not possible, how do I take an Excel spreadsheet column and create a document library out of it?

I ask because I have thousands of items in this list so doing it one by one is not feasible. Thank you.
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@monkeyclumps you can't convert a list to a document library, they are fundamentally different things. But if you've saved an excel file as an attachment to a list item you could use a flow in Power Automate to loop through the list, get each attachchment and create a file in the document library. Not necessarily quick but it is do-able and the flow is not too complex.


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thank you for the reply. is there a link somewhere on this community help site where i can see the specific steps to do the process you mention? i’m a power automate rookie. thank you again.