Convert Classic library to modern view

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Migration was done from On-premises to Online environment for our Sharepoint. There are few sites which can be seen as classic sites from our admin center.


Here in this case we have a library that has document sets in one of the sites that got migrated. All the settings in our library say that modern view is being used. Since this library has document sets, is there a way to convert that to modern page. If so does the change impacts anything huge.


We are asked to convert the whole site into modern. So we are planning to use the below PS command to accomplish this one. Will this command convert the whole site into modern and will it be going to work as earlier.

Modern view.PNG

Could you kindly help me on this.. Thanks in advance





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Hello @chaitu130100 


you have posted a printscreen from list settings, This setting set the view to modern, not more, you can also switch back:


This setting on list level don't touch site settings.


Best, Dave