Controls for Embedded Calendar

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I am setting up a SharePoint Online for my company.  Part of the presentation here is going to be a SharePoint calendar overlay that shows the current project workflow in the monthly calendar view.  I have embedded my SharePoint calendars successfully.  The issue I have is in regards to controlling the user interface.  


The embedded calendar is more of an embedded web page.  As such the quick launch is still in the view.  I can hit the "focus on content" icon, which gets rid of it, and that is great.  I'd like to lock that view somehow, or hide it in the embedded calendar so that it can't be unselected.  In fact, I don't really need the tabs in my view either: just the ability to scroll through the months and expand or collapse the weeks as we need to.  If I could somehow set the default view to "focus on content" and then just crop off that whole top bar I'd be in excellent shape.  


Most people in the company aren't going to be navigating to other areas of the SharePoint, so I'm not looking to disable these features, just remove them from the embedded calendar. 


I just can't figure out how to do this.  


Does anyone have a suggestion?  

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