Contribute users getting access denied when trying to upload files

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I have created a flow that creates a folder in a sharepoint site and gives an external user access to the folder so they can upload files. This has been working fine for months and suddenly when users are trying to upload they are getting access denied when they click the upload button. They can open the folder fine but only get access denied when they try and upload. Any settings I need to double check? 

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@cmcdonel I have been having this same issue today - any work arounds you found or resolutions?

@cyrenaperez @cmcdonel 

Experience same issue here. Started about a week or so ago now.  Only affects users who click on the upload button.  If you drag and drop the files/folders they can upload fine,so appears to be related to the button.

@cyrenaperez @ChrisTaylor1 How do we get Microsoft to take a look at what the problem is? Glad to know I am not the only one with the issue. I was going crazy.


Opening a Support Ticket in the Admin Center is how you get Microsoft to look at most any errors that occur in their service.

I created a support ticket! Thank you