Contract Management + permissions via MetaData

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I'm trying to create something for our organization.

Since the lack of information I found on the internet I guess i'll have to stick to something basic that works well for us.


What i'm trying to achieve here is;

Contract management via document library with metadata (Department/Startdate/Expiredate/....)

But, we would like to create one library for the whole organization (all departments)

Each person that will be a member of this site can only see their contracts linked in the library to their department

Create some kind of dashboard so the person that is on the site will only see his/her statistics 

Sent out notifications when a contract is close to expire (for example: 3 months, 1 month & 1 week notice)



I would like to get more information of;

*Permission setup so nobody will see the contract they don't need to deal with. Can this be done on the department flag or is this per document within library?

*Create the dashboard on the front page to have the statistics available for this person

*If there's a useful template I could use to get started, appreciated

*Setting up Power Automate to send out these expire date notifications


Appreciate for the time taking to read and provide me information (detailed info or links)



Best regards

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For the permissions, create a folder for each department and use that to set the unique permissions. That may seem counterintuitive for a library heavy with metadata, but it's the most efficient way to set permissions at a bulk level, and you can hide the folders SharePoint Online: How to Hide Folders in Document Library and Show All Files? - SharePoint Diary. I suggest having two views: the default that hides folders and is grouped by your main metadata columns and one that is a 'content publishing' view that allows users to place files into the correct folder and thus apply the proper permissions. And if you add subfolders, you could also take advantage of auto-tagging.


The most visible and intuitive way to get your reminder dates set is to create Calculated columns / time-date type format and have the columns calculated Expiry Date - 90 days, Expiry Date - 30 days, etc. How to add days to date in SharePoint calculated column? [5 examples] - SharePoint Dot Net


Create a scheduled Power Automate flow that runs daily or weekly depending on preference. Connect it to your Library, use the 'Get Items' action and connect it to your Library, add a Condition that looks at the Reminder (calculated) columns where that date is equal to or lesser than utcNow() - for the utcNow() be sure to use the expression builder rather than just typing the text into the condition.  A Guide to Power Automate Dates & Times -


Hope that helps.