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I am in search of contract management software. I am using a contract management software that just stores my contract. I need something that can manage approvals and workflows for the entire organization. More precise I need a  contract maintenance software. Sending contracts for approvals through emails is highly inefficient due to a lack of transparency and document versioning issues. Software workflows, in contrast, provide a cleaner approval process by allowing users to select participants followed by the routing order. Notifications help to get instant updates on the process and while the workflow history comes in handy during audits. Look for track changes capabilities, automatic versioning, collaboration features like comments and chat, and the ability to share or check documents out of the system for review and approval by third parties can also help.Please do suggest a good software that can help me. 

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Hi Jake

I work for a AI powered Contract Management Software.

We offer multistep Approval workflows with customers like Allianz who have said that we reduced their contracting process from 1 week to 1 day.

Would it be suitable to do a demo on the product sometime next week?

I am certain we can provide you all of the features required and even more.

I am available on my email to answer further questions. Or if you could give me your details i am happy to give you a call

Kind Regards