Context menu 'Manage access' is missing for some users

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While I have the context menu 'Manage access' in modern lists or libraries (see attached screenshot) some users in my company miss this context menu. Can anybody tell me why it is so? I must add that these users are Site Coll. Admin or site owners.

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I have Global Admin on a number of tenants and I have never seen this menu item. Is it new and therefore First Release? Are the other users not on First Release cycle? 

That menu item is the one that shows up when you click the three dots in a document or in a list item

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Yes, I have never seen that menu item on the … in all the tenants I have access too. 

@Eric ALEXANDRE I have noticed today that some users (including myself, in the SharePoint Admin role) DO NOT have this menu item, while some other users in the same tenant DO have this menu item. I don't know why this is happening.  I came here wondering the same thing as you.

Hi all, Has anyone managed to resolve this? I have 2 users on the same document library. Both are 'Owners' on the library. One person has the context menu 'Manage Access' on a file in the library, the other does not. I have really tried to research this extensively, and bar calling Microsoft i do not seem to find anything. Thanks in advance.


This is missing for my site co-owner. I see the menu option but they don't. After checking and re-checking permission settings, I'm at a loss on what to try next.


For a few weeks all my colleagues have had this option, so I guess this feature has not been fully rolled out on your tenant.

I am facing the similar problem where i have added the users through Direct Access option under Manage Access and I am not able to see those users in Direct access list of users and neither in the advanced option, however, when I do a check permission I can see the users having the access. Any suggestions ?

This seems to be a Microsoft update issue. I see the same thing occurred in 2018 (, then again in 2020.
Now it is November 2021 and its happened again. I was able to 'manage access' 3 weeks ago, but now I can't. I've asked our IT provider to escalate the issue to MS Support.

We have same issue. All document libraries have lost "manage access". It's been moving around for a few weeks and now disappeared completely. We can create a shared link, but this is not suitable as we need to control access directly to individual documents. I, as the site owner, can return to Classis SharePoint and control permissions, but none of my colleagues who need to manage access to documents have this tool available to them.
Our awesome SharePoint team showed me a very simple solution - Add "Name (linked to document with edit menu)" to current view or a new view. The manage access function then appear son the context menu next to the field. :)
My Awesome IT guy showed me this is still here but looks different and is arguably easier to do but also has less options than the classic view.
If you click the Share icon beside the item, SharePoint displays a pop-up showing who this item is shared with. It's not obvious, but if you click on the thumbnails you'll get another pop-up where you can change edit to view etc. Here you can also share a link. Remember to state whether all people with the link can use it or only some, and also their read or edit permission. Note that you can't opt out of sending an email, so this is a pain.
On balance, I think I'll continue to use the classic interface, so thanks again Kathy for describing how to do this.

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This sounds like what I need to do, but I'm afraid I didn't quite follow (I'm new to managing SharePoint). I need to add what to where? Thanks if you can clarify for me.


I didn't think it would but we've been noticing the disappearance of this context menu option again. Interestingly, it doesn't see user based. The same user may or may not see the menu option depending one the site collection he's on. Can anyone confirm as well?

We seem to be facing this issue. One member of the SP site can see the full context menu and another cannot. It's very frustrating because our users need to be able to move folders within SP online and that option is missing for them.

@scoellis Have not found a solution yet but the issue hasn't spread to more sites as far as we're aware.