Contents section within a page

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I would like to create a contents section or index within an individual Sharepoint page. E.g. on Wikipedia, a contents box is automatically generated and arranged based on the sections and nested content within the page.  

I would have expected this to be available as a web part but the only way round seems to be to:

1) Ensure that there is a Heading 1, 2 or 3 for each individual section I want indexed. This automatically generates a hyperlink for that section.
2) Manually creating a list of the sections and mannually creating the hyperlink to each section. 

Clearly this is a set of additional steps, not suitable for more than 20-30 items, and doesn't update if a section is added or modified. 

I initially tried Collapsible sections, which is inappropriate as it doesn't allow searching within the page for collapsed content, and the section titles do not appear in the immersive reader.  Because of this accessibility gap, our org policy is not to use Collapsible sections.

In theory it could be possible to create a list for this scenario, but I still don't know if that could be indexed in this way, and means that I cannot adequately arrange the content in each section as I want.  

A flow could also be an option, but I would imaging would be even more complex.

Are there any other workarounds for this, or better ways to manage long lists of content?  

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