Content Type Template not updating based upon selection error




I created Document Library and in that i added 4 content types and created Template folder in Site Asset folder location and each template link i added to respective Content Type.


Now everything is happening correctly but recently i discovered that when i select Content Type Template by clicking on New Button 

suvi15_1-1632737645623.png for Document Creation content Type showing only Default Content Type not the one which i selected. 


for example if I have 4 Content Type - Template1,Template2,Template3,Template4 and ordering for these content type in List setting as 1,2,3,4 and Template1 as Default Content Type

 if i select Template2 content type for that Document showing Template1


well for this i digged lot what exactly happening then i realize if i add template link to each content Type this behavior is occurring and if i upload template then everything runs smoothly.


Am i missing something here. Please help.



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