Content Type Hub or Organisation Assets Template library - what is the best way forward?

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I have a question.  Recently there has been a lot of buzz about organisational Assets Library for storing office templates, so that users can open them from online or direct from word desktop app.  What about 365 online libraries that consume templates from  the content type hub?  I have always used content types for all the good reasons we know about.  So what documents are best for organisation asset libraries (that rely on the user knowing where to save their document) and which are best for pushing out via the CT Hub?  I would be interested to know Microsoft' s plans for this going forward.  I would appreciate any clarity on this.  The concept can be very confusing for users and clients alike.;)

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Very good question, especially when the functionality to link to a document template from the contenttype hub seems to be broken. Tried to to link to a document template in the Org Asset library from a content type as a way of unifying these two template distribution methods.