Content Type Gallery current state and experiences

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Hi all,


In the past I've seen several customers making use of SharePoint's "Content Type Hub" where over time these customers started running into issues related to using this service. For example, over time creating new sites in the environment started to take longer and longer...


Recently the Managed Metadata service was modernized and "Content Type Hub" was renamed to "Content Type Gallery". I am wondering about experiences nowadays around the usage of this service. Can we consider this service mature and stable, also in larger-scale scenarios?


Little background: we're currently planning our migration to SharePoint Online and we're wondering if we should reconsider making use of the Content Type Gallery. Alternatively we will create the same set of columns and content types through our own automated process like we were used to.



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Hi Paul,
The staff behind the scenes is essentially the same with no changes as far as I concern. Being said that, what the team has done is to modernize the look & feel of how to configure the Content Type Gallery and also how to consume Content Types in Document Libraries