Content Type and document sets


Hi All,


I m in the middle of setting up Contet types for a SharePoint DMS. I have parent content type as follows.

ABD company Documnets ( parent of this is document content type) 

- Document Type ( term store medata filed) e.g Policy, template, Contract 

- Site ( term store medata filed) 

- Department ( term store medata filed)


Following content type Inherit from the Parent  ABD company Documnets


- Expiry date 

- Contract Type 

The issue is when I create a document in the documnet library it shows as follow. 

Name           Content Type     Document Type  Site         Department   Expiry date   Contract Type

123Contract   Contract             Contract              Newton        IT                  12/02/2022         Hardware 


You can see here Contact is repeating two times under the Contnet type and Document Type.  So user has to first select the content type ( Contract ) and then when filling the metadata agin user has to add the documnet type(contract) . Are there any way to auto populate document type based on the content type?

Also, IF I create documnet sets for Employee libraray, what is the best possible max numder of documnet set can be stored without facing performance difficulties. We have nearly 700 employees. 



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