Content Editor in New Communication sites


In the older version of sharepoint, I could add a content editor webpart, add an image to it, then add a link on the image. I cannot seem to do that in the new modern communication site/page using the webparts that are available. 


Unless I'm missing something, does anyone have any suggestions?

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@Susan Hanley  Thx for the quick response! I see how to do that but it only allows me to put one image in the webpart. I need to have 8 images where each on links to a bio page of that person.

The Image gallery is more of what I was thinking but it doesn't let me add the hyperlink. 

Correct - so use multiple 3-column sections and add one image in each section. Or, since you already have a page for each person, use the Quick Links web part with the Grid view in a single column section. You can choose a thumbnail image for each page that is the person's photo. Then, when you add the link to a page in the Quick Links web part, visitors will see the person and their name - and each tile will link to the page. The Quick Links web part in a single column will show 4 items across the column and you can use just one Quick Links web part since the Grid layout automatically "stacks" the items in a grid. Images can only be used in "stacks" of 3 column sections. Take a look at some of the examples in to see how you can make image-based links to content.

@Susan Hanley - Thank you! I think the Quick Links option using the filmstrip layout is what we want. Again, thank you! You're the best!

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You may want the Grid view, not filmstrip - unless you want items 5 and above to be hidden behind a scroll. If you want all items to display, use the Grid view. Both show 4 items in a single column - but the filmstrip view "hides" items 5 and above. Just depends on your user experience goal.