Content Approval - How Was This Approved?

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It's my understanding that the List Permission "Approve Items" must be enabled for a user to approve/reject pending list items via Content Approval...right? I checked the version history on a file and it was marked Approved by a user who, according to the permission analyzer, only has Contribute access. I checked and that List Permission "Approve Items" isn't on for that access level.

It also looks like the file has three sharing links --- one "anyone in the organization with the link can edit", "anyone with this link can view", and a third "people you specify can edit" --- that user being listed specifically in that last one. There is no one in the Members group, and I made sure the user isn't in the Owners group.

Although that sharing link is set to Edit, it looks like the "Managed Access > Advanced Permissions" only shows Contribute. The Version Settings for that library also has set "Who should see draft items --- Only users that can edit". I thought that meant users with at least edit access can see the pending items, but wouldn't necessarily be able to approve/reject. Any idea how this user was able to Approve it?

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