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If I use content approval feature in a SharePoint document library and then approver approves the document (without updating anything in document or its metadata) and status changes to Approved then how and where I can see who has approved the document. I tried to check in version history but there it shows the name of the person who has last modified it even though it is the major version meaning it is approved by an Approver (who is some other person).


Please let me know how to get this info visible. Thanks.



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go to the document, then to the workflows of that document. Here you will be able to click on the workflow and then see the history of that workflow which should show you who approved it



I am not talking about workflow, my query is about Content Approval feature of document library which you can set in versioning settings of the library. So for this feature there is no history page.

That assumes a workflow is being used, doesn't sound like the case here where Approval has simply checked in document library properties. Haven't checked but Audit logging might show this if enabled in the site collection

Anyone who can help me in this query?

@Prashant Gupta 


I am facing same issue


did you get any solution/workaround for this?


@UmangSoni2019 no, didnt find any solution for this

Hi. Just wondering if anyone managed to resolve this issue. I am having same issue. I found that when using the Version endpoint (/Versions?$filter=IsCurrentVersion%20eq%20true), there is a property called Modified_x005f_x0020_x005f_By. This property sometimes return the approver, however not in all instances.