Contact list cannot be synced with Outlook (or anything)

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I have created a Contact List app in Sharepoint, however, I cannot see any way to share or sync it with Outlook or any other part of the 365 world.  The most important thing for me was to have a contact list with bespoke fields for our management committee to be able to use and amend where necessary.  It needed to be shared across the organisation.  I found the Contact app in sharepoint and added it, I added the bespoke fields and it is there in the site content, but I cannot get it into Outlook.  It used to be possible when there was a ribbon, but so much functionality seems to have been removed.  I have had so many problems with finding ways to create truly editable shared contact lists across an organisation.  Especially so that new contacts can be added by anyone!

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same for me - could you find an answer somewhere? @AeroplaneAdmin