Consolidated Notification for SharePoint Site Changes

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Hello Everyone,
I have a requirement to setup custom notifications in SharePoint Online. For example - There might be 100 users and each user might be following some sites. So, Users are expecting a consolidated summary report with the details about changes in those followed sites may be for every week.
Can you please let me know if anyone has come across this requirement and if any OOTB solutions are available to handle this.
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@bhanu chintha You can associate the sites to a Hub site and on the hub site use various web parts to show News, document changes, calendar events etc. from all of the sites

@Dean Gross Thanks for the quick reply. But, We have almost 4000 sites and those all are almost independent sites used by different departments, users for their projects. Most of them are logically not connected. 


So, Is there any better way to display the activities from the users followed sites OOTB?



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The SharePoint online home page and the home page both provide this type of functionality