Connection to IFRAME is refused, which was working

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I have an angular application where I have embedded the one drive url inside the IFRAME which I get as a response of Microsoft graph api - Preview. The response url for both read and write was working until 4/11/22 and all of sudden the write url is not working but the connection between the read url is working as expected. When ever I call the write url I am getting the console error related to ancestor. Is anyone facing / faced the problem, if so enlighten me with the solutions/ workaround/ fix .

How to add a domain into the CSP list ?

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@Aribalak I'm getting the same error. I'm calling the O365 drive-item preview API endpoint, and opening the getURL in an iframe. Works fine without allowEdit:true, but in edit mode it gives CSP errors. It use to work fine. Is this part of the deprecation of allowEdit?