Connection/Filter two SharePoint lists with iframe embed code

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Hi Community


I have two SharePoint lists and want to "link" them together.


I have two web parts (a list webpart and an embed code webpart). I have connected the embed Webpart to the other list (see Printscreen).




The goal would be, that when you select an item at the List Web Part, only the results with the same ID (column: List-id) are displayed at the bottom.

Is there a possibility to filter the lower list e.g. with a filter function in the iframe? Or maybe a simpler solution/idea?


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AFAIK, currently list Modern WebPart does not allow this

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Thanks for your feedback. Do you have maybe another idea how we can do that?

We had also thought about views and URL's, but since there are many different ID's (about 1000) this is out of the question. We do not want to create 1000 different views and link them to the other list.