Connecting MYSQL database to SharePoint Online List

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Any advice on how to connect a MYSQL database to a SharePoint list?

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There is not a direct way to connect a MySQL database to a SPO...some options you can have:
(1) Create a WCF service that expose your MySQL Database so you can create an external content type in SPO. You will have to test this option due to the fact Microsoft is not doing any investment in BCS
(2) Create your synchronization logic so you can have your MySQL data in SPO
(3) Relay on third party products

 Juan Carlos González Martín  is correct , there is no direct way to connect MySql DB to SPO list but 

  You can migrate MySql  DB data to SharePoint list using Microsoft Flow ..


Is thier any options to connect external list in Sharepoint online and MySql database

i would like to sync both database and sharepoint online external list.