Connected webparts in modern view not available. Embed a part of a "classic" page in to modern view?

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as connected webparts seem not to be available until now, eventhough this has been announced in 2018 already with an undefined date, I am looking for a solution to deviate somehow.

Is it possible to embed parts of a classic page to a modern one? Let's say, we have one list and six connected libraries to filter from, and I want to embed those parts (list and libraries) only to a modern page - how can I do that?


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@TobiasMeyer connected web parts ARE available. For example in the image below I have a file viewer web part connected to a document library. And in the attached video I am displaying a Bing Map, YouTube video and TripAdvisor restaurant list when a village in the list is selected.




So multiple libraries connected to a list should be do-able.


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First of all: Thank you, @RobElliott, for your reply.

Unfortunately, that does not help me that much; maybe I need to reveal a little more about what functionality I need:


I have a list that contains dates. And I have several libraries that contain information about equipment and the accordant delivery dates.

Once I select a date, SharePoint shall lookup in those different libraries and only show equipment delivered on this special date.


My hope is that this is possible somehow without using the "classic" page, and using modern site pages instead.





@TobiasMeyer in that case you're probably going to get closer to what you want by building an app in Power Apps  as it can have multiple data sources, cascading dropdowns etc, cascading galleries etc.


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Got that. Is there any other approach to solve this without using Power Apps? I mean, maybe I can like embed stuff from a classic page to a modern page, you know?