Connect to Sharepoint Online usin CMD/'net use'/'Add a network location' (without Internet explorer)




I would like to be able to add Sharepoint Online (SPO) locations to my computer and users's computers by simply using the 'net use' command in command prompt or 'Add a network location' in Windows Explorer without having to go on Internet Explorer (IE).


How can this be done? 


I understand that they'll have to enter their username and password in a 'Windows Security' prompt, like below:enter-network-password
















Cannot use IE as:

  1. Internet Explorer is no longer supported and has issues with crashing.
  2. Need to add multiple network locations in different SPO tenants.

Want to use CMD/'net use'/'Add a network location' as:

  1. it is easier for the users
  2. Can give them a batch file (.bat) or
  3. ask them to follow GUI prompts in Windows explorer.



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One of the primary issues with Mapped drives and SP Online is that with a SharePoint Online mapped drive on Windows 7, the mapped drive will not stay connected if the computer is restarted or you sign out.


The above is from


In general, attempting to map a drive to SharePoint Online is not reliable and can cause numerous support tickets. Showing users how to Sync a desired document library is the recommended approach

Thanks for the reply.


I've seen that support article before.


The issue is that it requires the user to be logged into Internet Explorer first.


I would like to know if there are any options to allow the user to login using WebDAV or 'Add a network location' in Windows or Mac, without using Internet Explorer.


Using the sync client to sync various locations on SPO with different logins is a bit of an issue. Where as, 'Add a network location' is a quick and easy way of browsing SPO items and disconnecting when done.

Any update on this? Having the same problem...

@Dean Gross , Hello mr Dean, please reply to initial question "how to connect Sharepoint via CMD".. and stop telling why it is not good idea! ... because of "after reboot"  i have to connect it manually.


it is still better to always do "reconnect" as don't have it at all... YOU KNOW ?


So, please, be so kind and add screen, or link to screen where list of commands expected are listed (and example address) which will answer initial question.


Thank very much in advance

PS. if you don't want to receive ticket from users about issues concerned, just ignore it for some time :D, but stop blocking users ;)