Connect Office 365 group to SharePoint Online team site

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In my tenant I've created in the past many Office 365 groups. Some groups have more than 200 members.


I don't wan't to re-create these groups, but I would like to create, for each group, a SharePoint team site.


I've tried to create a team site from SharePoint Online admin center, but this creates a new O365 group each time.


Is it possibile to connect already existing O365 group with a new SharePoint Online team site?




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Hi @Pepozzo,


From the SharePoint admin center > Sites > Active sites > Create > Other options > Team site




No O365 Group will be created.


Share the site to the existing O365 Group.


I hope this helps.




Hi@Pepozzo ,


I wasn't aware it was possible to create an Office 365 Group without a SharePoint Team Site. Have you looked in the SharePoint Admin centre for the corresponding Team Sites and if they are not there what mechanism did you use to create the Office 365 Group?



Hi @Andrew Hodges, thank you.


I'm sorry, I don't remember how they were created, but I can confirm you they have "Office 365" as type in group list. I also confirm that I don't have a SharePoint site corresponding to O365 group in the SharePoint Online admin center.


If I create a new team site it creates a new O365 group. If I create a team site (not linked to O365 group) than sharing site to an existent group as suggested by @Norman Young not seems to be the right solution as the site keeps showing as a team site not linked to an O365 group. Also, but I did not checked, I think group calendar are not working for the "invited" group.

Hi @Pepozzo ,


One last thing before I stand back and scratch my head a lot..


Did you check the new SharePoint admin centre as they will not show in the old one?


Kind regards


Hi @Andrew Hodges 


Yes, I'm using the new admin centre.


Also a weird thing is that I've some O365 groups that have their own SharePoint team site. But if I've 1 group with its SharePoint team sites, I've 9 groups without site, and I can't create it (and I don't want to re-create the O365 group). :sad:

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Hi@Pepozzo ,


I have just tested this and the SharePoint site does not appear to be created unless you visit it. 


From outlook click on the group and then click the following:-



Hi @Andrew Hodges 


Is that the confirmation email arrived after an user is added to the O365 group?


So I've to add my admin user to each group, receive the welcome email and then visit the SharePoint site?

Or I can do something from admin centre or with PowerShell to simulate this operation?

Hi@Pepozzo ,


I doubt there is anything via PowerShell or the admin centre to do this.


I was able to hack this URL  - to get the site to be created.


To be honest if users are going to use the SharePoint sites then once they are told where the sites are they can just navigate to them using the option in Outlook Web App in the last screenshot. 


Kind regards



When you talk about Office 365 Groups in your initial post: do you mean Office 365 Groups or Secuirty Groups?In the case of the formers, when you create a Group you already have a Site tied to the Group