Confusing results about the Modern Team Site's Site Owners

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We have a Modern Team site named "TesUserPermision" and i am confused on who is defined as the site owner.

First step >> i went to Site Permission >> i got that the "TestUserPermision Owners" is inside the Site owners, as follow:-





Second step >> i went to the "Advanced permission setting" >> click on the "TestUserPermision Owners" sharepoint group i found that it is empty:-





and when i check the user permission i found that any user who is defined as an owner inside the underlying Office 365 group will have full control permission on the sharepoint site... so can anyone advice on my above 2 approaches/steps and why i am getting different results?? and which one i should trust?

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Hello @john john 


That's weird, usually the M365 group owner has the ownership of the site, do you have access to the SPO admin center? Active sites page (


There you can find the site and check the owners.




@jmaradiagaiothanks for the reply, but i think you did not understand my question.. i did NOT say that the M365 group owner does not has the ownership of the site........

@john johnI believe it is because it is a Team site so it is using an M365 group and therefore Azure Active Directory.  If you go to AAD, you should see the security group for the site and in there will be the owners group.

Hope that makes sense.  I'm not an expert by any means, I just happened to be looking at an issue kind of related to this.