Confusing new feature in SharePoint

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There is now a new feature when you upload items to a library and this little dialogue box pops up:




Asking you to 'Notify your team'. A number of our users are now understandably thinking that this is the same as Sharing an item - which it isn't - so they're basically emailing entire teams of people that a file has been added to a library.





I've had to explain to numerous people to dismiss the message and then Share the item as normal.


Please either turn this off or give us the option to turn it off!

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Well it does say "notify", not "share" :) Since it's targeted to team libraries, the assumption is that people already have the needed access, and you can just alert them about a new file. But having an additional configuration option never hurts.

When it comes to normal users I never assume anything - taking in to consideration that the majority of people aren't as tech-savvy and just assume they do the same thing.


It's bad enough when people click the Share icon in the top right hand corner - thinking they're sharing a document and end up sharing the page!




Hi @Michael Butterfield,


Thanks for your feedback! As Vasil described, the feature is designed to help notify people who already have access about the item but we'll keep this in mind for future iterations. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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@Stephen Rice Just a toggle to turn it off/ on would be appreciated - thanks!

Hi Michael, are we now able to turn the feature on/off? Thanks.