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Has anyone been able to modify the search results page of Modern Pages which seems to have missing that at present. There is no way to customize the results view, switch to classic view, use custom result sources or redirect to enterprise search center. It always defaults to "/search/sitefiles" location instead of only "/search". Is there a way to hook into the route and default it to global or do any of the above.

If the modern search results page is not customizable, is there a way (powershell, csom or configurable) way to redirect to classic SharePoint search center page.

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AFAIK, you cannot currently modify the modern search results but following announcements Today at Ignite, customizations at Office 365 search is something that will come

Please check out my blog post on how to "Create an Enterprise Search Web Part for Modern Pages" that show's how to redirect the user to your enterprise search site.

Yeah great blog. Our scope didn't include the flexibility of a new component. We were only be able to modify the existing the search box controls which turned out to be a limitation, so we have hidden it using some fancy CSS and added a left hand link to Enterprise Search

Hi Asish,

I actually prefer your solution as well since the maintenance would be too complicated for me.

Could you kindly tell me how exactly you were able to hide the existing the search box controls?




I tried using the out of the box ways to adjust the search settings and set another search result page there. But no is not reflected on the modern sites.

hi Asish, do you have an update on this matter? I ran into the same problem today. Thanks in advance.

I am still waiting on this to come. Did they also say when to expect... Few months and the next ignite is there ;)

Are able to share the CSS code to hide the search box as that is what I require at the moment on my communication site.

Hi Juan,


What happen to Ignite announcement on 2017? Because now its the end of the year 2018. I can not see any option for customization in office 365 search. At least Microsoft should give options to add the refiners. As of now only modified and fietype refiners are available. Please note I am talking about Modern Search.

We will be there at some point...what it's happening is that new search experience are being rolled out at a slowest pace, it's just a question of time

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


It has been almost a year any update on this yet?



If you need a custom search experience, right now the only option is the PnP SPFx Search Webparts.

@Trevor Seward 


Has there been any movement on the ability to edit the search results page in modern site collections?

PnP webparts are still the go-to -, but you can also repoint where the top nav search bar goes to, i.e. a custom results page using the above PnP webparts.
Thanks Trevor. This defect and the fact site templates cannot be used any longer are both very significant issues that need rectification.
Site templates are dead and you need to move onto Site Designs (with or without PnP templates). I'm not exactly sure what the issue is with search, though. It's functional and highly customizable.
Yes site designs is the way we have gone, but we have it had alot of limitations, eg web parts, custom views etc we found very challenging to set. Also you have to be technical enough to know what you are doing, ie some SharePoint development expertise. The limitation of not being able to just add the refiners as you were able to do before is also disappointing. It would be good if there was more 'official' MS technical documentation around these issues. Both issues took me a couple of hours to find the relevant references. This blog was useful for the search one though - thanks