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I have a document library and added a field/column that refers to (the title-column of) another (long) list.


When I want to edit that reference in the properties of a document, I have to choose the right entry from a long dropdown of that referred list. This is inconvenient and since there are duplicate entries (by title) it is sometimes impossible to choose the right entry deterministically.


Is it possible to configure that drop-down so that e.g. another field of the referred list ( a date) is displayed at the same time? For example "<Title> - <Date>" would make the entry unique.


Thanks for any simple ideas. I hope the problem is described clear enough.


Regards, Sebastian.


PS see attached screenshot, the files are presentations from a regular meeting, the referred list is a list of agenda topics with date, presenter etc.

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@Sebastian8008 This is not possible using SharePoint default functionality. You cannot show another column while selecting in value in dropdown.

You can show the additional date fields from lookup settings, but date value will be shown in library view only after selecting the value in dropdown (which end users will not like this).


Workaround: Customize library form using Power apps, use combo box control for showing lookup column values. You can set DisplayFields property of combo box control like ["MyFirstColumn", "MySecondColumn"] to display multiple columns in combo box dropdown.

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