Conditional formula to hide/show columns in Sharepoint List Edit Form

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I was able to create a formula based on this posting from Microsoft (link below) and it works great.  However, I want to be able to write it so it looks at 2 different values in a field to show the column or not in the Edit Form.  Can someone help me write the formula so that I can have an in the example below I would like to have it work if "Category" equals Product OR Service.  


=if([$Category]=='Product','true', 'false')


I did see someone say that this could be used as the indicator for or || but I wrote the formula lots of ways and never could get it to work.  Thank you.

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Hi, have you tried using like the below

=if([$Category]=='Product',=if([$Category]=='Service','true', 'false'), 'false')
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Try this, it should work like a charm

=if([$Category] == 'Product' || [$Category] == 'Service','true','false')

@Sudharsan K   Thank you!!  This worked perfectly

Hey is there a way to do this but for if you want both conditions to be true for it to show instead of just one, E.g. for when you are referencing 2 different columns and one is a number as seen below.

=if([$Category]=='Product',=if([$Inventory]>='2','true', 'false'), 'false')

If Category is ‘Product’ and Inventory is 2 or less

Hi @LCarroll5554 


Try this

=if([$Category]=='Product' && [$Inventory]>=2,'true', 'false')