Conditional formatting date uses mm-dd-yy in stead of dd-mm-yy in lookup column.

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In list 1 I am using a date field with out-of-the-box conditional formatting (green-yellow-red) of this column. Regional settings of the site are Dutch: dd-mm-yyyy. Everything works fine.


Next step; I am using this date field in another list on the same site with same regional settings. The date is an extra field from a lookup column. When I paste the JSON from the date field in the first list in this second list, all dates format correctly, even though it is a lookup field. Happy me, but... 


Things go wrong when the day of the date is a number >12. The conditional formatting of this lookup column is using mm-dd-yyyy for some reason. I have checked it by lowering the day of that date to a number <12 and it turns into a conditional color (expected behaviour).


How to correct this?

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@VJK22 It might be using UTC time default date format of mm-dd-yyyy in extended lookup columns. 


Check if toLocaleDateString() operator in JSON formatting helps you to convert date column based on user's locale.



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