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Hi there….I am relatively new to Sharepoint.


I have a column for ‘date completed’ and a column for ‘time to complete’.  The ‘time to complete’ column subtracts the ‘date completed’  from the ‘date of entry’ column to give a number of days.  When the ‘date completed’ column has an entry it works fine.  When it is blank, it returns a default value of -44,908 which looks clumsy.  Is there a simple Json code to make this value font white so it doesn’t show up.


All help appreciated.


Cheers. Phil

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@Philecowan you don't need JSON for this, just get the formula on the Time to Complete calculated column to check if the Date Completed column is blank. If it is then display nothing, otherwise calculate the difference in days.


=IF(ISBLANK([Date Completed]),"",DATEDIF([Date of Entry],[Date Completed],"D"))


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Thanks Rob - worked like a dream