Conditional choice column - content types?



I am building a helpdesk solution in SharePoint Online and have a choice column called "Status" and a resolution column that should be filled out when the status column equals "Closed".

I've been asked to make the "resolution" column 'required' - is this possible as at the moment we cant have it required as it asked to be filled out anytime when updating a ticket.

I'm thinking with content types this might be possible? But not sure how to go about this?

Ideally thinking that when the status column is changed to "Closed", the "Resolution" field will appear then the user will have to fill this out as it will be required.


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@Chris Cundy other than having to change the content type when the item status would be closed is to convert the SharePoint form to a PowerApps form where you will be able to build the logic to display resolution only when status is closed (this would not require using different content types)