Conditioanl formatting - strike through doesn't work

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I have a problem in the SharePoint Online Lists which strike through is not working.


I have set "Conditional formatting" if one column "Claim closed" = YES then strike through this row.






also "Underline" and "Borders" aren't work.

Other "bold" and "Italic" option are working.


For my investigation, I'm created new list but result is the same. I can't do anything for running these options.

Funny part it is that strike through and underline options have been worked, this was happened month ago more or less.


Thanks in advance !


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@Marcin_KT I can't reproduce this as it's still working for me, despite the change to the new Lists experience which is the cause of most of these formatting/JSON issues. You might need to raise a ticket with Microsoft if it doesn't sort itself out in the next few days.


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ok, thank you very much of that fast reply from your side.
I'll wait and see what happened.
I'll put in here an update about this situation.