Concatenating Multi-Choice Field

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I have a modern Sharepoint list with Fields including:

Speciality - Choice (Multiple selection allowed)

SME - Person


I'd like to concatenate them into a single line of text. I can't use the Calculated column I believe due to the multiple choice. I tried Flow but really struggling to get anything to work as I keep getting 'Apply to Each' and it won't let me extract the data. 


Anyone have any suggestions?


Many Thanks

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@jawilson you can do this with a flow in Power Automate and you DO need the Apply to each control as each answer of your multi-choice column needs to be evaluated.  In the list below the Platform column is a Choice column with multiple selections allowed, Person is a Person column and Concat is a single line of text column.  The result is:




The flow that achieves this is as follows:



Next, outside the Apply to each:







Hopefully you can use that in your flow but come back with any questions.

Thank you! This certainly looks like it will work. 


However, randomly since yesterday my power automate has changed! It now doesn't let me enter a function/expression. It only allows me to select a parameter from a previous step:  



I'm not sure how to manually enter the expression, or if it is still possible?




Maybe it helps: make your window bigger. If your screen is to small, power automate changes the view mode.