Concatenate multiple selections into one text


I need to concatenate a multiple choice column in SharePoint Online List into a single text as calculated column.

Example:  If user selects "Shift A"  and "Shift B",   The calculated column will have "Worked on Shift A and Shift B" as single line text.

If user selects "Shift B"  and "Shift C",   The calculated column will have "Worked on Shift B and Shift C"  as single line text.


I have been searching on the web for the last 3 hrs. without success.  Anyone has a good trick to do that?  Much appreciated.      Thanks

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MultiSelected Choice field doesn`t support Calculated column and it doesn`t list the column to add it to formula of Calculated column


This applies to SharePoint Online and On-Prem.


We need to implement a remote event receiver