Complete Sharepoint novice: want to deploy a custom Word template to all Sharepoint Team sites

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My organisation has no experience of Sharepoint, but it's suddenly part of our infrastructure because we're about to roll out MS Teams to our staff. I understand how Sharepoint is the storage space that sits behind each MS Teams workspace, but I don't know how to control the default settings for the new Team Sharepoint site that's automatically created when we add a new Team. 


In Teams, we can create new Word docs from scratch, within the Teams app. They're based on a default template - the font is Calibri, for example. Our house font is Arial, so we either want to edit the template which is automatically available to each Teams workspace, or upload a custom template that will automatically be available whenever a new Teams Sharepoint site is created.


I've figured out how to add a custom Word template to a single Teams sharepoint site, but it's laborious, and there must be a way of doing at at the 'parent' level. 


I've posted questions and support requests in various MS Teams forums, but nobody has come up with a solution, so maybe I need to look for an answer at the Sharepoint end. 

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