Communication sites - no search results on titles of Hero webpart

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Hi all,

When I search for a title set/saved in the Hero/Quick Link webpart, I get no results in de search center. Is this normal SP behaviour?


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Can you elaborate please. Not quiet sure what you mean :). Screenshot helpful. thanks!

You're right. Here some screenshots. 

1. The title of this tile in the Hero webpart is "issue".

2. When I search this word, SP doesn't find the title and give it as a result.

Web parts are not data and therefore not indexed, you won't get results from that. You need to link to a page called issue or something similar then you would get a result for that destination.
Thanks for your reply and I understand the choice Microsoft have made. BUT....
For example, when I use the Quick link webpart in a Intranet and one item refers to an external application, a user can't find anything with search about this app. Am I correct?

The properties of those web parts are contained within the web part. The contents of a page is contained within CanvasContent1. This property is not indexed by SharePoint because it yields unfavorable results from the search center.  You could create a new managed property for this and have it be searchable, but you won't like the results in the search center, because the return value is going to be a bunch of HTML. 

If you want to classify pages, the best way to do that is to use the Page Details.