Communication site collection admins

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In a modern team site the group members are all site members and have a level of access to some site collection admin features like HTML Field Security to enable a site for iframes. And that's ok because a modern site is basically its own site collection.


With communication sites we have the more traditonal visitor/member/owner roles and the site is in its own site collection. My experience has been that the creator of the site is also made the site collection administrator and none of the other owners are able to access things like HTML Field Security. The creator can add additional admins. Ok that all makes sense, but...


What happens if the original creator is removed as a site owner? Do they retain admin rights? 


What if their account is removed entirely? Does anyone retain site collection admin rights if they have not added anyone?


The collection doesn't seem to appear in the SharePoint admin console so how would we add a new site collection admin to an orphaned site?



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Well, any Office 365 Global Admin / SPO Admin could grant using PowerShell the rights to other user to be a SPO Site Collection admin

You can use PowerShell to given site collection admin access to the Communication Sites -