Common data input screen for two lists

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I have two seperate list. First one created from the template "Work Progress Tracker". We need to store multiple notes & attachments with submission dates and the name of the users who posted them. As such we created another list containing the above (more like a one-to-many relationship). That list had a lookup column in the "Work Progress Tracker" list. I am illustrating from a screnshot below:-

 Screenshot from two listsScreenshot from two lists

Can we add fields from the secondary list in the Work Progress Tracker "New Item" screen so that user may enter data from a single point? I am illustrating from a screnshot below:-


Thank you for any help. We are fairly new in SharePoint development.

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Why don't you simply add some extra columns to the list instead of creating a separate list?
Go to Site Administration / Site libraries and lists / [select your list] -> scroll down to the Columns section and choose the 'Create column' or 'Add from existing site columns' option to add what you want..
If you choose 'Multiple lines of text', you will be allowed to turn it into an 'Enhanced rich text', which means you can add pictures, tables, hyperlinks there... - that's what I did on my list. I didn't like the 'attachments' section, so I disabled it and this way forced the users to use certain columns to attach files. This way I know who added what and when.
Good luck.