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I have a SharePoint list form customised with PowerApps. I just noticed a new feature. When the form is showing full screen, for example when the link to the item is clicked in a list web part, then the DispForm.aspx page opens up with a side panel for comments. Same when the EditForm.aspx is opened. The comments panel can be shown/hidden with a button at the top right.


I have half a million question about this new feature.


First: Is there any documentation?


And in lieu of that:

Where are these comments stored? How do I know if someone commented on an item I created? Can that feature be configured? Turned off? What are the options? It does not look like I can @-mention anyone. Why not?




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Some Tiny Explanations:


Good news that 

Note: If you don’t see comments, check with your admin who may have disabled commenting.
Admins can configure this option.




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Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. Documentation: Add and reply to comments in list items 
  2. The comments are stored inside list schema itself.
  3. You will see a colored comments icon at the right side of "Title" column in list view if someone commented on item (or you can see the comments in details pane & list forms).
  4. You can turn off this feature using PowerShell - Currently you can disable it at tenant level not site/list level.
  5. @mentions is not yet supported, it is in development currently - Roadmap  

You can find all this information in detail in below blog:

SharePoint Online: All you need to know about Commenting in Lists 

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