Commenting in a news-website doesnt work

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Hello everyone! 

I have some questions by creating a Sharepoint modern page (news):

  1. When I'm sharing news in a news-website inside a teams-webiste - is it possible to comment the news separately? Imagine this: you have a news-webiste sharing lots of news with different links etc. but we wanna discuss with others under the news separately. We know that isnt possible for now or do we missed something? 
  2. The other point is: When I'm sharing a news link in a news-website and after a while I'm editing this page again but after this I can't see the cover from my news link - Do you know why? 

Thank you for helping! Best wishes! :smile:

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Hi, i'm not fully understanding what you are trying to do.  Please can you share some screen shots of your efforts?