Combined view of multiple document libraries


I have four document libraries that have identical structures but different permissions.  I'd like an administrator who would have permissions to all document libraries to be able to view; filter; analyze, combined data from all four libraries.  

Is there any way to accomplish this?  

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Hi @Cindy Zalme,


You can combine files from document libraries using the "Highlighted content" web part. Use KQL to specify the target document libraries. Example image below.


What do you mean by " filter; analyze, combined data"?

I hope this helps.



@Norman Young Thanks ever so much!  I've not used this yet, so appreciate the introduction! 


What I mean instead of showing 4 separate libraries, they might all show as one and then be able to use column headers to do standard grouping sorting and filtering.  Keeping in mind the person who would have this view would have access to all libraries while others would have views into only their own library. 


Hope that  helps -- if not, let me know and I'll put together an illustration. But, basically, just standard behaviors only across multiple libraries. 

@Cindy Zalme Hi, Thank you. Can we use views from the libraries to query the content? Instead of the library?