Combine calendars from Teams

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Is there a way to combine calendars from Teams 1-4 into a single calendar in the Mgmt Team?...inside of Teams for SharePoint?


One Mgmt Calendar showing multiple Teams 1-4 CalendarsOne Mgmt Calendar showing multiple Teams 1-4 Calendars

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Inside of Teams no, but if you have 2 different accounts you can add the mail accounts to Outlook and overlay both calendars there since the calendar in Teams is your Exchange (Outlook) Calendar for both accounts.


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@AJValentin You can use the Calendar Overlay feature to achieve this. 

Open you team site in SharePoint. (Go to files tab, open in SharePoint). This will open the SharePoint site behind the scenes for your Team. You can overlay calendars from your others Teams. Check this article for instructions.

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@AJValentin I don't think it is possible using SharePoint OOTB web parts.

Using OOTB functionality, all you can do is: create a modern SharePoint page, add 4 Group Calendar web parts on single page & show events from 4 teams in 4 web parts.


However, you can merge items from multiple calendars inside outlook, check below documentations:

  1. Merge items from multiple calendars
  2. View multiple calendars at the same time

Now, you just need to find a way to add these merged calendars inside teams or SharePoint.

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@ganeshsanap Thank you for your response! I'll check out the Outlook way. It seems it's almost as if Microsoft started to see a decrease in Outlook and decided to remove the very useable feature that worked great in Classic, so they instead are guiding people back to Outlook.

Thanks, but each of the Sites created via Teams is its own Site Collection and the Overlays aren't allowed w/SP Online...that I'm finding.